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At Affirm Financial, we offer not only financial help, but also information on things you can use to maintain a better lifestyle while you rebuild your financial position.


What is a FICO Score?

Take the mystery out of FICO and how your credit score is calculated, then learn what you can do to improve it.

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The Right Short Term Loan

When used correctly, a term loan will provide short term relief and give you long term benefits!

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What is Financial Inclusion?

Understanding the term ‘financial inclusion’ and how it can define you is an important factor in your budget.

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Protecting Your Identity

Read through our tips to help you protect yourself, and avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.

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Correcting Your Credit Report

It’s important to review your credit history regularly. Learn these common errors and how they can be fixed!

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7 Budget Management Apps

Expenses can add up really quickly. Try using one of these apps to help manage your costs and increase your savings!

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