Put on your comfy sweater and read our cost-efficient tips that will keep your wardrobe looking fresh for Fall.

The fall season is officially underway, and while many of us mourn the end of summer, many of us also welcome the changing colour of leaves, the crisp air…and for some, fall fashion! So, if you’re a fashionista or a budding one, is your closet ready?

Jackets, layers, scarves and boots are the standard for the fall season, but colour, pattern and fabric trends change almost every year — and staying stylish can get expensive. Here are some tips to looking your best without breaking the bank:

Start with Your Closet

This may seem silly, but the best place to start your shopping for any season is in your own closet. Trends can be cyclical, so that sweater you tucked in the back of your wardrobe may just be in style once again. You may also be able to recycle some clothes from the spring, so be selective with your fabrics and colours.

Set a Budget

Only allocate what you can spend – and even though you may have had your eyes on those killer boots, make sure to think about the bigger picture. Your hard-earned dollars will go further if you invest in a couple of essentials that can be integrated into your current wardrobe. Even better, try finding items, like a blazer, that can be dressed up or down, making it a versatile item for both work and your time after hours.

Keep an Eye on Your Inbox

The cool part about shopping online is that many of your favourite stores will send email newsletters that update you on the latest trends and sales. They don’t always offer big deals, but every now and then there’s an offer that’s simply too good to pass up. The key things to be aware of are shipping costs — especially if you’re buying from an American site (exchange rate and duties). Also, don’t be afraid to check out the sales section!

Outlet Malls

They may be a pain to get to, but many outlet malls will have a ton of great brands selling reasonably priced products. Just be sure to time your shopping trip correctly, or you could end up in a very busy (and competitive) retail space. Avoid long weekends and holidays.


Abandon your fear of pre-owned clothing. The increasing popularity of “vintage” and “retro” styles makes it easier to embrace the idea of buying “gently worn” clothing. Financially speaking, there aren’t many more affordable shopping options than going the pre-owned route. Be sure to keep an eye out for vintage shops, flea markets and local clothing swaps.

Shop Off-Season

Buying your clothes at the end of the season is a great way to save some serious money – especially when it comes to footwear. Of course, you run the risk that your new clothes may be out of style by the time you get to wear them. But with the kind of savings you can get at season’s end, it totally makes up for it!

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