Affirm Financial Helping People

When it comes to borrowing money – no one wants surprises.

No hidden fees

At Affirm Financial services we publish our fees and interest charges in a way that is simple to understand. What you see is what you pay. And even then, the benefits of Affirm Financial services can exceed other available lenders with our extremely competitive rates.

Credit card

  • Annual percentage rate is 29.99% for homeowners and 34.99% for non-homeowners
  • Monthly fee is $7
  • Balance transfer fee (if applicable) is $25
  • Minimum monthly payment will be the greater of $30 or 4%

Hassle Free

Our approach at Affirm Financial is all about making things simple for our customers.
We do this in three ways:

  • The application form is designed to take 15 minutes or less to complete.
  • To make it easier for you we can approve over the phone.
  • We do not ask you to use property, auto or other assets.